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The Spreewald forest: day trips from Tropical Islands

A lovers’ idyll

The Spreewald forest is the perfect setting for a couples’ outing. What about a trip on the “Kahn der Sinne” punt, leaving from the spa town of Burg? Lie back in cushioned comfort for a romantic experience like no other. Further adventures await on the island of Wotschofska, which reflects all the serenity and authenticity of the Spreewald biosphere reserve. To find this enchanted hideaway, just follow the idyllic Wotschofska Route by bike or on foot from Lübbenau.

Feast on the food of love at the Spreewald Herb Manufactory in Burg, where you’ll get to know exquisite regional flavours the way they should be: homemade. And to really get the most out of the beautiful Spreewald landscape, set off on a Segway tour. A lovers’ stroll, 21st century style.

Cultural roots

To this day, the cultural life of the Spreewald forest is distinguished by the traditions and customs of the local Slavic minority, the Sorbs (also known as “Wends”). Archaeological exhibits vividly document the original settlements in this holiday region at the Slavic Fort in Raddusch. Head for Dissen and see history come alive in Stary Lud, which recreates a medieval Spreewald settlement, or slip forward and experience the 19th century in the exquisite Spreewald village of Lehde and its open-air museum. Finally, the spa town of Burg offers all manner of traditional Sorbian handcrafts. Pick up original artisanal offerings including earthenware from the Piezonka pottery, hand-embroidered folk costumes from Dziumbla and clogs from Karolczak.

A region of natural beauty

No sooner have you left the Tropics than you arrive in one of Brandenburg’s most scenic holiday regions: the Spreewald forest. Make the journey from the exotic, palm-fringed paradise of Tropical Islands to the magical wetlands of the surrounding area.

Travel just a few minutes from Tropical Islands by train, bicycle or car and you’ll find yourself in the home of the famous Spreewald gherkin and the “lutki”, mythical dwarves held dear by the Sorbs, the local Slavic minority. Rail is the ideal way to reach the heart of this holiday region: regional trains leaving Brand station travel directly to the town of Lübben and its picturesque Castle Island. There are also trains going directly to Lübbenau for the open-air Lehde museum, Raddusch, where you can spend time exploring the Slavic Fort and natural harbour, and Vetschau with its Wendish-German double church. Or set off from Tropical Islands by regular or electric bike; Schlepzig, with its Spreewald Brewery and historic mill, makes an ideal destination.

The fascinating, idyllic landscape of the Spreewald forest offers family fun, romantic getaways and cultural heritage all in one. Off you go: we’ll be waiting for you here when you get back!

A family discovery tour

Play, frolic, explore – the Spreewald forest is full of fun for parents and little ones alike. What about a trip on the good ship Nautilust, a research and adventure barge which sets sail from Lübbenau? It will open your eyes to the wonders all around as you float through the unique water world of the Spreewald forest. Lübbenau has another unusual treat in store: swimming with penguins. Or you can hang out, literally, as you take to the treetops in the Lübben climbing forest. Meanwhile family rallies, crane safaris and seminars on nature photography are all on offer at the Wannichen Nature Park Centre created by renowned cameraman Heinz Seilmann. Go further afield in a buggy, weaving in and out of the trees of this woodland idyll, or put your sense of balance to the test with stand-up paddling in Burg.

Pure Nature

The Dahme-Seen Lake District

The Dahme-Seen Lake District offers a wide range of options for excursions. It has the most water of any area in the region.

Dahme-Heideseen Nature Park

The Dahme-Heideseen Nature Park, covering an area of 594 km2, is one of 15 major nature reserves. It is home to large expanses of woodland and more than 100 lakes of over one hectare in size – a real paradise for fans of water sports and fishing! Enjoy a trip through the ten interconnected lakes of the "Teupitz waterway" by canoe or steamboat.

Lower Lusatian Ridge Nature Park

The Lower Lusatian Ridge Nature Park (Naturpark Niederlausitzer Landrücken) is an area of unique natural beauty. The park covers an area of 587 km2 and is home to one of the largest areas of almost uninterrupted forest in the south of Brandenburg.

Johannismühle Wildlife Park

Johannismühle Wildlife Park is located between Baruth and Golssen, in the Baruth glacial valley. The site is spread over 100 hectares of woods, meadows and ponds and is home to many local species living in large open spaces, including mouflon, deer, bison, aurochs, wild horses, brown bears, wolves, lynx, eagles, owls and woodpeckers.

Experience local history

Raddusch Slavic Fort

Another recommended destination is the Raddusch Slavic Fort. In the 9th and 10th centuries the Lower Lausitz at the western edge of the Spreewald was covered by a dense network of small ring-shaped wall fortresses. One of these Slavs castles was rebuildet in Raddusch again. Visit here a most fascinating archeology exhibitions of Germany.


Schlepzig is one of the oldest towns in Brandenburg: in 2004 it celebrated its 1,000th anniversary. Today the town is a popular tourist attraction for its traditional festivals, and serves as a starting point for trips along the area‘s waterways.

Baruth Glassworks and Museum Village

The Baruth Glassworks with its ensemble of fully preserved factory buildings and workers' houses offers an exciting mixture of art, craftsmanship, glass history, sports and recreation. Founded in 1716, the historic glassworks sits in the heart of the Baruth glacial valley. The extensive site includes furnace halls, a grinding workshop, gas generator, school, inn, bowling alley, workers dwellings and gardens. The Museum Village was recognised as an Industrial Heritage site in 1986 and maintains a living tradition under the slogan "Art and craftsmanship in the Baruth glacial valley". Today's visitors can watch glass being blown using traditional techniques for the production of unique and small-series items. To try out glassblowing yourself, please contact Museumsverein Glashütte e.V. in advance.


Flaeming Skate

The region of Teltow-Fläming is home to a particular attraction for cyclists and inline skaters: a 230 km-long route far away from the noise of the big city. Take the cycle path running parallel to Tropical Islands Allee [---] in a westerly direction until you arrive at Flaeming Skate in Friedrichshof.

Lübben Climbing World

Children age six and up, teenagers and adults will love the action-packed Lübben Climbing World (Kletterwald Lübben). The various high-rope courses running through the forest are perfect for testing your fitness level up to ten metres off the ground.

Logo: Lübben Climbing World

Spreewald forest punting

Punts are the traditional way to explore the Spreewald forest. The Spreewald punt – known in German as a "Kahn" – is a type of flatboat with no hull, up to nine metres long and less than two metres across, seating around 20 people. Visitors glide gently through the maze of channels that crisscross the forest, punted by a guide who provides interesting facts and stories about the local area.


For first-time visitors we particularly recommend the short Lehde tour.

Spreewaldring Kart Center

Test your driving skills at the Spreewaldring Kart Center. The challenging 800 m track is located close by Tropical Islands.

Gherkin Cycle Path

The Gherkin Cycle Path is around 250 km long and passes through wetlands, mostly within the Spreewald forest biosphere reserve. Follow the cycle path parallel to Tropical Islands Allee [---] in an easterly direction until you reach the Gherkin Cycle Path in Schlepzig.

Hurricane Factory

For all those who don’t want to just fly in their dreams, the „Hurricane Factory“ in Berlin-Schönefeld offers a unique experience: “bodyflying” in Germany’s biggest wind tunnel! The wind in this tunnel can reach speeds of up to 280 km/h, making it possible to fly freely in the five-storey, transparent cylinder. Just half an hour’s drive from Tropical Islands.

Day Trips

F60 Overburden Conveyor Bridge

The F60 overburden conveyor bridge, now a visitor attraction, is one of the biggest machines in the world. In use between March 1991 and June 1992, it is also known as the "reclining Eiffel Tower". It owes the name F60 to the fact that it could extract materials from 60 metres down and from 60-metre high slopes. After modification, more than 11,000 tons of steel still remain.


Various tours are available for visitors. The site is also often used for events.

EuroSpeedway Lausitz Racing Circuit

The EuroSpeedway Lausitz Racing Circuit is a must for adrenalin junkies. Located in Lower Lusatia, it opened in 2000 as a Grand Prix track, speedway and test track. It also serves as a venue for major events and races, such as the IDM Superbike motorcycle race, the ADAC GT Masters and the DTM 2015.

Spreewald Private Brewery 1788

The Spreewald Private Brewery 1788 ("Spreewälder Privatbrauerei 1788") is highly recommended for a culinary excursion. Besides traditional local dishes, visitors can try out the various types of beer brewed here by hand, including a Spreewald pilsner, dark ale, "zwickel" beer and wheat beer. You can also tour the brewery and find out more about the art of brewing.

Spreewood Distillers

Spreewood Distillers famously produced the first single malt whisky from eastern Germany. Products can be sampled under the guidance of an expert and are also available for purchase. Under new management since 2016.



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Holiday at Tropical Islands

Nature calls!

The Spreewald is a fantastic travel destination and has been under UNESCO protection as a biosphere reserve since 1991. Its meandering canals lead visitors through lush greenery against a backdrop of vibrant summer colours or the snow white of winter. The banks of the canals are dotted with traditional half-timbered houses which complete the picture of a fairy-tale landscape.

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